Umrah Packages

Ashraf Zeeshan

Umrah October 2019 - 1st October to 15th October

Program 3 begins in the Holy City of Makkah al Mukarramah. Once you arrive at Jeddah Airport our professional staff will be on hand to escort you to your five star accommodations in Makkah. From here you will be guided by our dedicated religious staff to perform Umrah after which you will enjoy your stay in one of the five star hotels located in front of the Haram. You then proceed to the Manasik of Umrah in Mena & Arafat. Our exclusive, air-conditioned Mena Camp is located directly in front of the Jamaraat where you will stay during the Manasik of Umrah. There is no stay in Aziziya in this Program, but if needed, you may access the Aziziya (Alshisha) accommodations, located 1 mile from our Mena Camp, during the day while in Mena. After Umrah, you will visit Madinah and stay in front of Masjid Al Nabawi and enjoy your stay before it gets too crowded. Perform Umrah with comfort and ease and with superior services from Dar El Salam.

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